Two New Resources Added

Post #35  New Resources to Aid in Standards-Based Instruction

KYAE Skills U has recently posted two new resources to aid instructors in organizing and teaching the CCR Standards for Mathematics.

  1. Instructors will appreciate this math course outline, complete with cited materials. It was developed by instructors in programs who participated in the CCR Standards-in-Action initiative.  The outline can be found on the left side of the KYAE Skills U standards-based instruction page.  Click here to access.
  2. This helpful resource from OCTAE will assist instructors in determining how to organize their instructional time to concentrate on areas of focus for Levels D and E content, Guide to Effectively Managing Higher-Level Content Standards in Mathematics.

On a personal note, I want to inform Math Matters readers that this will be my final post, as  I am retiring from KYAE Skills U August 1st.  I am pleased  that the torch is being passed to our newly-hired mathematics specialist and Director of the Morehead State Adult Education Academy, Pam Callahan.  I look forward to following Math Matters as a reader.